BTCPay Allows Payments In Lightning Network For Bitcoin And Litecoin

The BTCPay Server, an open source payment processor, has recently launched a node of Lightning Network with the purpose of allowing its users to realize transaction in Bitcoin (BTC) and Litecoin (LTC).

Payments in cryptocurrencies are globally becoming more common and the number of applications and platforms based on Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency are increasing every day; as a proof, the BTCPay has announced that its users are now able to use lightning network for payments in cryptocurrencies.

BTCPay Announcement

BTCPay, an open source payment processor that supports the wallet of Bitcoins, has recently announced the creation of a node of Lightning Network that allows the exchange of services with networks that enable transactions in Bitcoin (BTC) and Litecoin (LTC).

In March 2018, was reported that the c-lightning of Blockstream was replaced by the client of BTCPay, nevertheless, nowadays it has been substituted by LND, a node of Lightning Network.

On July 11, 2018, Melik Manukyan, who is an Internet/Network Engineer and the administrator of, in order to clarify the doubt of using BTCPay instead of c-lightning, has explained and shared on his official Twitter account that:

“We’ve always used c-lightning for our lightning backend implementation. Originally we used the Woocomerce lightning charge plugin for the front end, but decided to drop it for @BtcpayServer when they integrated it.”

The Node of LND

The BTCPay Server has communicated the node of LND was still in a test phase, so it recommends using it carefully and to realize just a few transactions of little value.

Also on July 11, the official twitter account of BTCPay Server has posted: “Oh, is it a new option I can see here? LND support (BTC+LTC)! Please, this is still beta, I still need to test it on mainnet! It is only for playing for now. I will provide instruction for those who want to move from clightning to LND [email protected] @roasbeef @r0ckstardev.”