Bitcoin And Ripple Can Be Stored In A Human Implant Microchip

BiChip, a human implant microchip, has implemented a payment system that allows its owners to store and use Bitcoin (BTC) and Ripple (XRP) without the necessity of being connected to their bank account.

BiChip, the first and only distant readable human implant microchip with internet connective, has implemented a payment system that is compatible with cryptocurrency wallets.


Bezh is a trading and IT Company located in Copenhagen, Denmark, which among its products offers the BiChip, a human microchip that has revolutionized the concept of chips with its internet connectivity.

Each BiChip is implanted in the hand and has a unique ID for user’s identification; it allows to store the driver license, passport, medical data, and now has integrated a payment system for cryptocurrencies, which so far is able for Bitcoin (BTC) and Ripple (XRP).

The Payment System Of BiChip

The latest upgrade of this human microchip allows the synchronization of a payment system through a cryptocurrency wallet; nevertheless, the BiChip is limited to store Bitcoin and Ripple at least during this first period.

The payment system is based on the Ripple Technology, which is dedicated to taking the ideas of its customers and turning them into real money; in this case, the technology used allows the users of BiChip to store their cryptocurrencies without the necessity of being connected to their bank account.

The People Opinion

The idea of having a microchip under the skin is an idea that has caused controversy in many people; despite the fact of decreasing the possibility of losing valuable information and having the benefit of making future payments, there is a group of people alleging that it is unhealthy and antichristian.

These two different opinions are an example; a crypto-enthusiast said “Guys have you thought about the medical implementation of your chip? People could have their medical history, blood type any preexisting conditions or medication they are taking on it. Paramedics could carry scanners, this could really save lives! #biochip #XRP #ripple”

On the other hand, a skeptical Twitter user said “This is the Mark of the beast I’ve been reading Revelations about the mark of the beast”

Sourece: Metro News